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Garage Door Springs

Door Springs Repairs | Garage Door Repair Crystal Lake, IL

One of the most important parts of your garage door is the springs. Whether your door is fitted with extension springs or torsion springs, these components are essential when it comes to hauling the door up and down each and every time it’s used. These springs are tough, durable and built to last, but with frequent use each year, they do have a shelf-life.

What happens when a spring fails?

If a spring wears out to the point that it completely fails, it will eventually snap. When this happens, the tension contained within it will suddenly be released. This means that if your door is opening, it will suddenly drop, fast - the counterweight on the other end will also immediately fall. Depending on how the spring fails, it can be very dangerous for anyone nearby – making worn or breaking door springs extremely hazardous.

Repairing a broken part

Garage springs are not fixable without professional attention, and can be very dangerous to attempt to fix without an expert’s assistance. We strongly recommend that if your door springs have failed or look like they are about to fail, you contact us immediately – our technicians will safely disconnect and replace the faulty unit, with no danger to yourself or anyone else.

Upgrading and replacing

The springs in your garage door are built to last, and most likely will give you years of service. Consequently, by the time they need replacing, they are likely obsolete. As a result, many homeowners stand to benefit by investing in replacement springs as an upgrade. Modern springs are tougher and more durable than older ones, and benefit from much improved anti-corrosion properties.

Replacing your springs

It can be extremely difficult to live with a broken door, and we understand how important it is to arrange a fix as quickly as possible. Our technicians are highly experienced and will provide a fast, professional service as well as a guaranteed lasting repair. On top of this, we'll resolve the problem with minimum disruption to your home life. To book an appointment and receive a top quality spring repair or replacement service, contact us at Garage Door Repair Crystal Lake today.

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